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The Parish Registry is where we deal with everything relating to the booking of celebrations and the preparation of documents and sacramental certificates. We can be found at the Pastoral Centre (Centro Pastoral). In addition to the above, the registry office is the place where the following can be dealt with:

Mass Intentions

Ask the priest to remember a particular intention of yours. Please fill in the name of the person for whom you would like Mass to be said, bearing in mind the times in which Mass is celebrated. Please be aware that only once you have received a confirmation email will your intention be registered. There are designated places in the main church where you may leave your donation, or you may simply place it in an envelope in the collection basket at Sunday Mass, with your intention duly identified.

Baptism Process

Receiving baptism is one of the greatest gifts that God has given. There are a few necessary steps to be taken, by the parents and the godparents, in preparation for the important role of presenting a child for baptism.
The following documentation, of the person to be baptised, will also be necessary:

  • Birth certificate
  • Identity documents of parents and godparents

Sacramental certificates and documentation

Please contact the registry office for any documentation you may need.

Information about funerals

The funeral is a holy Christian rite in which we pray for those who have departed, asking for eternal repose. As such, it should take place in a specially site. The parish has made available Capelas da Ressurreição (Chapels of Resurrection) for this purpose. The booking of funerals is usually managed by the funeral agencies, who will make direct contact with the parish.

Marriage Process

Marriage is an enormous joy. However, in order that it be a lasting joy, careful preparation with considerable awareness and discernment is required. The following preparatory process will help the couple understand the Christian meaning of marriage, as well as offer them scope to mature their motivations for such an important step.

Marriage Preparation Course

The spiritual preparation for marriage is the most important aspect of marital preparation. We, therefore, recommend that the engaged couple are either lead by an experienced couple or the priest, and take part in a course in preparation for matrimony, or MPC. These courses are held at the Cascais Vicarage.

Required documentation

In Portugal, in order to celebrate the Sacrament of Marriage civil procedures need to be followed. It is, therefore, necessary to carry out both a canonical process (usually done in the bride’s parish of residence) as well as a civil process. This process should be started with a certain amount of foresight (ideally a 6-month head start).
The following documents will need to be presented at the parish where the wedding is to take place:

  • A Non-hindrance Certificate (Certidão de Nada Obsta), the final document in the canonical process of marriage.
  • A Free-status for Marriage Certificate (Certidão de Estado Livre para Casamento) - to be requested from the Civil Registry. If you have already had a civil wedding, all that will be required is your Marriage Certificate.

Wedding Ceremony Preparation

In addition to the spiritual preparation and the documental process, it is necessary to prepare for the actual ceremony. You will need to choose your Scripture readings and plan the ceremony with your Priest.

Office hours

Monday to Saturday

11h-13h and from 17h-19h