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Help in our individual prayer-life journeys, as well as for that of the church.

Daily Mass (in Portuguese)
10am | 7.15pm

Follow the celebration of the Holy Mass in the Cascais Parish, live here, from Monday to Saturday at 10am and 7.15pm. You may also access archived recordings of all parish broadcasts.

The Gospel and Saint of the Day
Daily Readings

Read the Gospel for today's Mass (in Portuguese). Meditate on it, with the help of a brief commentary on the saints, and get to know the life of the saint we celebrate today in the Church's liturgy.

Monthly intentions
The Pope's Worldwide Prayer Network

Each month, the Holy Father entrusts his Worldwide Prayer Network (Apostolate of Prayer) with a prayer intention, alternating between a universal intention and an intention for evangelization: Universally, with themes that appeal to all men and women of good will, not only Catholics; for Evangelization, centred more on the life of the Church and its evangelising mission.

Parish Saints
Paths of Holiness

Meet the saints we venerate in our churches, ask for their intercession and pray with them. You can also light a candle to an image through Candla's digital candle holder.

Community Prayers
Journeying with the Church

Pray with the parish's various prayer proposals that take place throughout each year. Retreats (Advent and Lent), Ways of the Cross, Walks in preparation for Christmas and Easter, Novenas...

Common Prayers
Pray as a family

Daily common prayers Pray for various different people, activities, stages of life and other circumstances with the prayers that have come down to us through the tradition of the Church.