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Is There More To Life Than This?


Why am I here?


Does God exist?

The Alpha Invitation offers you an opportunity to explore life’s most important questions. Come and join us for dinner, and hear an introduction to The Alpha Course.

The Alpha Course is an environment which is non-judgmental and open, where it is easy for anyone, whether atheist, skeptic or simply curious, to explore spirituality with new friends and raise any questions you have about the Christian faith. The presentations are spread over 12 sessions, which will be in English with Portuguese subtitles, and you can choose to join whichever language group you find most comfortable.

The Alpha Invitation Dinner

Date: ……..September 2024 (next start date coming soon!)

Time: 20:00 to 21:45

Location: Centro Pastoral, Rua Luís Xavier Palmeirim, Nº4, 2750-412 CASCAIS

Please complete the registration form, one for each person attending. All attendees must be over 18 years old. 

For more information please email us at