As the Parish does not have a social arm, it is through the council’s partner institutions and organizations that it has sought to respond, on a more regular basis, to the needs of the most vulnerable families in the community. These are our most regular partners.

Fundação AJU

This foundation is an institution that supports the people of the parish of Alcabideche, by closely working with individuals and entire families. Confident that everyone can be an agent of their own change, it provides a holistic intervention, aimed at individuals of all ages from childhood, through to adulthood and on into old age promoting social and community integration. Sister Rosa Costa of the Congregation of Nuns of Amor de Deus started the foundation in 1988.

Rua Amália Rodrigues, 159, 2755-020, Alcabideche

Conferência Vicentina S. Nuno de Santa Maria

The Conferência Vicentina S. Nuno de Santa Maria is part of the São Vicente de Paulo Society and has played a role in our parish since 1953. It provides assistance to families residing in Bairro S. José, Bairro Marechal Carmona and Fontaínhas through the distribution of food and cash support towards housing, home management and medical expenses.
Assistance and family visits take place on a weekly basis. The organisation has a charity shop which stocks clothes and toys.

Rua António Gaspar, nº 44, Fontaínhas, Cascais

Gaivotas da Torre

Gaivotas da Torre is an institution that focuses on the neighbourhood of Bairro da Torre, by developing support and activities for social integration. Its main areas of intervention provide support, training and reintegration of unemployed people, support of children and young people and the psychosocial support of individuals and families who are in a vulnerable socio-economic or psychological state.

Rua das Caravelas, traseiras do nº 256, cave 1, 2750-615 Cascais

Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Cascais

With a five century-old histor, Misericórdia de Cascais was founded in 1551 by the residents of Cascais with the purpose of practising the fourteen works of mercy that consecrated the essence of exercising of charity. Initially headquartered in the Chapel of Santo André, it was governed by a group of brothers who formed the Administrative Board chaired by a commissioner and made up of a clerk and ten brothers.
Nowadays, it provides a vast and profound social intervention, working with children, adolescents and the the elderly, including the most vulnerable, such as the sick and children in foster care.
Largo da Misericórdia, nº 51, Cascais (main services)

In addition to these regular partners, Amigos à Mão also work with official council organisations, such as the Câmara Municipal de Cascais and theJunta de Freguesia de Cascais/Estoril, and, occasionally, other charity organisations. Whenever necessary, it also liaises with the diocesan organisations and the Conferência Episcopal, or Cáritas.