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Igreja da Ressurreição

The Igreja da Ressurreição (Church of the Ressurection), as we know it today, is a new building with the same name as the original and earlier church. An ancient construction it was, in fact, the main parish church located next to, what is now, the Cascais train station. However, this church was completely destroyed during the earthquake of 1755. A new temple was then built with the same name which later became known as the New Church but this, too, collapsed and fell into disuse. Towards the end of the 19th century it was demolished in its entirety.

After successive misfortunes, the parish of the Resurrection merged with that of Our Lady of the Assumption. Nonetheless, a desire to reinstate a church under the same name persisted and on 30 January 1968, construction began at the site of the current church in the neighbourhood of Fontaínhas. It was inaugurated nine years later on the 13th of July 1977.

This project, by the architect Henrique Brando Albino, was of utter simplicity and developed with successive adaptations to the initial proposal due to budgetary limitations. The complex where the church is now located is home to the Jerónimo Usera Association (AJU) and will eventually house a day centre for the Santa Casa de Misericórdia of Cascais.

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Rua de Alvide
2750-288 Cascais

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The church is only opened for celebrations.

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