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Igreja de Nossa Senhora da Misericórdia

Igreja de Nossa Senhora da Misericórdia (Church of Our Lady of Mercy) is a 16th century church with a longitudinal plan comprised of a single nave and chancel.The front is flanked by two framed, recessed quadrangular bell towers, duly reinforced with a structural plinth, featuring two (right) and three (left) crevices, no top finishes and a railing. Owing to the slope of the land, the right tower lies lower than the left.

The surface facing of the main altarpiece contains painted attic archivolts whilst the pilasters and columns with their respective bases and architrave finishes are in relief. There are a number of beautiful pictorial assets that remain from the earlier Igreja de Misericórdia. According to the author, Vítor Serrão, the two larger panels featuring “figures of a Cyclopean scale” were the central piece of the original 16th century altarpiece, whilst the smaller panels “with a missing Calvary” were featured on the upper layer of this selfsame altarpiece. According to the author these works are from the end of the 16th Century.

Mass times at Igreja de Nossa Senhora da Misericórdia

Sundays at 12h30 (in English)


R. da Misericórdia, 7
2750-411 Cascais

Opening Hours

Sundays 12h00 – 14h00

To be King
Charity and Service