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Ermida Nossa Senhora da Guia

The lighthouse and chapel of Guia are to be found towards the western exit of the town, in the direction of Guincho. Dating from 1810, both are reconstructions of previous buildings that were destroyed in the 1755 earthquake..

The chapel, dedicated to Our Lady of Guia and in which are preserved traces of its original construction such as its Manueline portal and the tiles along the nave of the chapel, dates from the 17th Century. There are more recent tiles to be found in the presbytery which are from the 18th Century.

In the chapel there are two works worth highlighting, both by an unknown author and dating from the second half of the 16th Century. They depict The Adoration of Shepherds and The Adoration of the Magi.

The image that presides over the chancel and is the chapel’s patron saint, is Our Lady of Guia who is closely linked to the life of the sea. Every year the maritime procession of the Parish of Cascais takes place near Guia, very close to the chapel. This event occurs around the 15th of August, which is the date in which the patron saint, Our Lady of the Assumption, is celebrated.

Carrying images of the various parish saints, the procession begins at the main parish church and proceeds to the fishermen’s wharf in the bay of Cascais, where they embark and head towards Guia. In addition to the boats that carry the images, many accompany the procession with their own boats. On arrival at Guia, flowers are thrown into the sea and with the special intercession of Our Lady, prayers are said for all the deceased.

"It was this lady that save me"

By way of tradition, there are several stories of miracles and special graces granted by Our Lady that still reach us today. A peculiar story, which may be one of the main reasons for the procession at Guia, tells of a girl who reportedly fell into the sea near the cliffs of Guia.

After searching for her for several days and to no avail, she is presumed dead. The funeral, thus, takes place at the chapel without the presence of the body. During the funeral proceedings the missing girl enters the church, safe and sound, and pointing at Our Lady cries out “It was this lady who saved me”.

Nowadays the chapel is entrusted to the care of the Diocese of the Armed Forces. It is used mainly for the celebration of weddings and baptisms.

Miss times at Ermida Nossa Senhora da Guia

It has been entrusted to the care of the Diocese of the Armed Forcest and is used mainly for the celebration of weddings and baptisms.


Estrada do Guincho
2750 Cascais

Opening Times

The church is only opened for celebrations.

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