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Capela de Nossa Senhora da Vitória

The Chapel of Nossa Senhora da Vitória (Our Lady of Victory) is located inside the Cascais Citadel.
This chapel was built in 1648 and rebuilt after the earthquake of 1755, probably by the Earl of Unhão, governor of the Praça da Cidadela.

It was built to serve the large number of soldiers, and their families, who were stationed in Cascais.

The chapel is closely linked to the history of the Infantry of the 19th Regiment, which was based in the Citadel, and subsequently to the devotion of its patron saint, Santo António (Saint Anthony).

According to tradition, the image of the Portuguese saint accompanied the regiment every time they went into combat. Mounted on a white mule, St Anthony accompanied the troops onto the battlefield and, with each victory, was decorated along with the regiment.

Cidadela de Cascais

Over time, the chapel fell into disuse and came to serve as a storeroom for the regiment. Later, due to the works of D. Maria do Carmo Fragoso Carmona, wife of President Marechal Carmona of the Republic, the chapel was restored to its intended use on Christmas day of 1930, when the president’s family took up residence at the Citadel.

Left again to abandon, it was only when the presidential palace was being restored that the then president of the republic, Cavaco Silva, mandated the restoration of the chapel. It has remained in use since the 3rd of March 2012.

Adapted from Stories of the History of Cascais

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Cidadela de Cascais
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