School of Faith

To deepen our faith together in all its different aspects: liturgical, biblical, moral, theological.

Faith needs to be nourished, deepened and rediscovered at every phase of our lives. This should not limited to the catechism we had as children or the preparation we did for the sacraments, however good that might have been. The School of Faith aims to be that place of spiritual nourishment, where we get to know and deepen our faith together, in all its dimensions.

The Church, like every mother, wants her children to grow up and become autonomous, creative and enterprising, not remaining childlike. Thus, all lay people, children of the Church, must be helped to grow and become “adults”, putting their talents to the service of new missions in society, culture, politics. In this way the Church, as a true mother, will be able to preserve the history and living tradition of the family.” Pope Francis, 16 November 2019

School of Faith


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