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Capela de S. Brás da Areia

Whilst the exact date of the dedication of this chapel is unknown it is, nonetheless, acknowledged to be an ancient place of worship and was, undoubtedly, in existence in 1527 when the neighbourhood of Areia appears in a population census. It is, thus, one of the oldest places of worship in the parish district.

The chapel is dedicated to São Brás, who traditionally suggests is sought after for the protection of the throat and other respiratory illnesses. There is particular emphasis on the “blessing of the throats” on the saint’s day. On the secondary altars of this temple, there are a further two devotional images from the 20th century: Our Lady of Fátima and the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Every year on the 3rd of February, feast day of São Brás, a procession takes placed in which the main images of the church are paraded: São Brás, St Joseph, Our Lady of Fátima, the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Santo Isidro and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

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Rua da Areia
2750 Cascais

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The church is only open for celebrations.

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