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Capelas da Ressurreição

The Capelas da Ressurreição (Chapels of the Ressurection) are, essentially, the place where funeral rites are carried out. Located on Avenida da Sintra near the entrance to the town of Cascais, in the neighbourhood of Fontainhas, the names of these chapels, of which there are several, allude to key elements of Christian life: the Capela da Água (Chapel of Water) calls to mind the beginning of Christian life that takes place in baptism, the Capela do Pão (Chapel of Bread) makes reference to the bread of life that is the Eucharist, and the Capela da Luz (Chapel of Light) reminds us that Jesus is the light and salvation of the world.

The chapels were remodelled, in their present arrangement, in 2017, the year in which they were blessed by the Bishop D. Joaquim Mendes. The architectural renovations were carried out by António Pedro. The interior design of the chapels, consisting of three ceramic panels, alludes to the name of each chapel. These were designed by Candida Wigan and are accompanied by a Biblical verse.

To book the use of the chapels, please contact the Parish Registry Office.


Rua de Alvide
2750-288 Cascais

Opening Times

The chapels open in accordance with the needs of parishioners. Contact the parish registry.

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