Capela do Sagrado Coração de Jesus

The Chapel of the Sacred Heart of Jesus was built in the mid-twentieth century adjacent to the Gandarinha Estate. Located behind the Marechal Carmona park, this chapel was built to serve the family and neighbours of the Espirito Santo household.

Built with simple lines and scarce ornamentation, the façade features a dove, being the symbol of the Holy Spirit, alluding to the family name. (Espirito Santo means Holy Spirit in Portuguese). Nonetheless, the patron saint of this little chapel is the Sacred Heart of Jesus, a saint who has received special devotion, principally during the first half of the 20th century.

Although it is a private chapel, whenever Mass is celebrated it is open to the public.

Mass times at the Capela do Sagrado Coração de Jesus

Mass at the chapel has been suspended for the timebeing.


Rua Pedra da Nau, 130 2750-641 Cascais

Opening Times

The church is only opened for celebrations.

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