Christmas Campaign ‘Lança a rede e reparte’ (Cast the net and share)

Our annual Christmas campaign with Amigos à mão has arrived!

The drive ‘Lança a rede e reparte’ (cast the net and share) plans to put together Christmas hampers for more than 1.800 people this year.

This year in which many are struggling, and those in need are finding it hard to scrape together the bare minimum to feed their own, we would like to provide a food hamper for each family, as well as a gift for each child.

Collaborate with our Parish and help these families have a happier Christmas.

Each Sunday we invite you to bring along a different food item to Mass.

If you would prefer, you can make a direct transfer to Amigos à mão the details of which are as follows. NIB: 50003 52144 0000 24708 3032.

Thank you!